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KBI Network

Our value proposition is builded around time saving, cost saving and helping startups to build the right business network.


Invovling UM6P Professors and Students in real-world problems

Boosting the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the UM6P community and amongst all collaborator.

Deam Ecoproducts

producing biofertilizer and briquet by using available organic waste

Clinique Agricole

An agricultural company that works in the diagnosis, sale of agricultural products, service, support and consulting

Air to Products

We offer a unique device that will produce CO2 from air that is readily available free of charge.


Reduction of environmental issues related to mines activities and CO2 emissions limitation

Resistant and Insulator bricks with a low cost


our mission is to be the biggest Moroccan company that is specialized in printing-on-demand in an easier and cheaper way.


Let's create an inovative solution for a bothering problem.


Providing data to the user that can be easy to use in real estate with map and chat.

Clean Services Ogooué

We provide a home waste collection service, in away to prevent mortal disease and to be more respectful to environment.


Bike with GPS sensors Connect in mobile app

new pedagogical program for educational

Providing technical and support to needy families


E Takchita, e-commerce of second hand traditional morocco's dresses and accessories.


"L'mou9ef", The Smartest Way to Get a Service


An ecommerce website to sell school supplies, our goal is provide the customers a great user experience to buy products they need, by using service "Lists" to customize thier lists of supplies with thier kids at home and an integrated delivery service.


A platform that allows the user to write simple AI/ML Python code, that we convert to low level language (C or Fortran) and optimize it for the targeted architecture (Intel, Power9, GPU, FPGA).

RfiD²ecision Aid

An RFID system for management, reporting, and optimization of luggage processing immediately after registration in the lost baggage service office (e.g. at airports). The RFID tag attached to the luggage and contains its data.

GreenGrain Initiatives

GreenGrain is an initiative with the aim to reducing poverty and hunger in Africa through smallholder farmer empowerment.


Taxista connects taxi drivers and their costumers, saves environment by lowering oil consumption and conduct studies for companies.


A fast eco-friendly fashion production line responding to the needs of the market + encouragement of women's independence


Affordable Instant Intelligent in-situ sensor solution for soil nutrients analysis.

Skillso Generation

100% digital training platform dedicated to soft skills. The platform allows users to connect remotely to the panel of proposed training courses through written materials, quizzes, interactive webinars, and games offered both individually and collectively.


Leadesign offers environmentally friendly recycled furniture products with exceptional design made from waste recovered from the industry.

Comp LAB®

Increase small farmers yield via soil structure improvement by highest nutritional value Compost application.


Prognet connect local businesses to a network which is then served to advertisers on video programmatic platform with realtime statistics.


Tailor-made coating agents specifically developed to preserve the integrity and efficiency of granular fertilizers from production to end use.


Development of software that will solve the queue problem.


Biologicals products for agriculture, agrofood, feed and cosmetic. Plant biostimulant « 100% natural bioproducts based on microalgae » to improve plant growth, productivity, fertilizers efficiency and tolerance against environmental stresses.

Home farming

Home farming is a startup that design in home adapted soilless systems to allow individuals and companies to produce food for themselves and others.


ArtElement aims to enhance the access and profitability of the local artisans by providing new market and opportunities and provide the consumer with access to local artisan products.


A platform to provide lower cost than existing solutions by creating a social network around the exchange of money between individuals.


Producing high energy and low-cost sodium-ion batteries using palm-dates waste and phosphates as raw materials.


DISTRI vending machine company Intended to provide prompt service to employees and students, with continuous machine monitoring and rapid repair.

Yell Co/ YStudio Project

Offer our customers the accessibility to a complete Branding & Marketing team: Content Creation( Film Making, Shootings, Graphic Design), Marketing Strategies, Advertising, Community Management, E-reputation, Reporting and E-commerce. Our Mission is to drain sales and build a trustful brand notoriety.


Reduction of environmental issues related to mines activities and CO2 emissions limitation by reuse of the mining overburdens as raw material (red clay) to produce ecological and low-cost bricks (compressed bricks and porous bricks).

Radar Team

Smart Mine: anti-collision radar for open pit mining.


Making clothes with personalized designs.

SR Communication

Graphic Design and Digital Communication company.

Innov Booster (Maroc)

Innov Booster aims to support and supervise young students to carry out their business projects in parallel with their studies by providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their goals whether technical or entrepreneurial.


A personalized learning and knowledge management platform based on micro-credentials, collaborative, and active learning. The platform provides efficient learning that adapts to each learner's preferences, pace, and availability.


Entertaining, Emotional and Inspiring Masterclasses from the Best Local Instructors in their Field, improving memorably creativity, day-to-day and long-term performance

Agricultural exploitation

Rationalization of the use of water resources through the use of innovative technologies, namely aquaponics, solar energy and organic fertilizers

Youth to Youth

Encouragement and support for “smart city” projects by creating a digital space for cultural expression and communication.


Providing tax and accounting services remotely be sold using automation and involving the customer (partly) in the production process of these services would further reduce selling prices.


A crowdsourcing platform that gets merchants closer to customers, influences their choices, and allows them to share reviews and report problem. One tap to move online, two clicks to have your insights, three steps and grow your business.


Digitalize the warehouse; we will create our platform that will connect us to companies offering logistic services in Morocco in order help them automate their warehouses. We will be using RFID and drones to identify location and retreive the products.


BricoChat promisses users to offer them a platform where they can share their technical issue and find/connect them with an expert and who will help them to solve the issue.


We are making it possible for Moroccan customers to get customized apparel that will better suit their taste through an interactive and easy to use website.

Empowering Lab

Our idea is to create a Lab at its high schools and colleges in the Rhamna region and especially in rural areas, which aims to popularize several areas such as: sciences, entrepreneurship, coaching sessions, languages all this to through simple manipulations, workshops and educational games created by our team.

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