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IT and Education

To continue the digitalization project initiated in cohort 1, hospital pharmacy
software is proposed to optimize decision making in a hospital.
1. Customized services at the lowest cost in the market ;
2. A Virtual Management Controller Available 24H/7 and
365D/year ;
3. The Right information at the right time to the right person ;
4. To Compare itself to the average and the top businesses in the
same sector and also against its goals ;
5. 3 Free consultations in any area of management per month.
Dadupa provides entrepreneurs with visibility and direct access to angel investors.
1001 Mentors
1001 Mentors is a digital mentorship platform that allows startups to get in touch with experienced mentors and entrepreneurs as well as experts who are interested in startups & Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystems. The platform offers contact with a network of quality mentors in different fields of expertise.


Enable mentees to reach out to mentors

Preservation of knowledge within the Moroccan society

Provide a source of support to founders and  build a strong, effective and productive ment
For customers :
The Best way to improve your creativity and your performances
From the Top Local Instructors in their Field
For instructors / Celebrities :
Opportunity to
- Share, Giveback, Feedback
- Increase the Reach
- Benefit from the production a life Bio of knowledge
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