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Was held on Thursday,

February 24, 2022

18:00 - 20:00 (Morocco Time)

12:00pm - 2:00pm (US Eastern Time)

30 Minute plenary panel discussion

with Explorer participants

Followed by 90 minute audience visits

to team rooms on 3 conference floors

Click HERE to watch the last showcase recording
Team Showcase Info

Each team will have a Team Room to interact with their guests during the event.  To see a profile of any team including a video please click on the Team Showcase Categories on this page and then each team icon to see:

  • 2-5 min video presentation

  • Slides

  • Team members profile

On the day of the Showcase: Participating teams will have a Live Team Room for 90 mins after the plenary during which the team will be happy to give visitors a live pitch or network and answer any questions. The Team Rooms will be all open in parallel, so audience members can visit with any team. When you enter a Team Room, you can listen in without being visible and/or can turn your microphone and/or video to interact with the room participants.

There are networking tables (breakout rooms) as well as a HELP ROOM on every floor.  Event will open 15 mins before the start time to allow audience to network.

Team Showcase Categories
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