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Value Proposition

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Increase the Value of your apartment: by maintaining your building in good shape, and avoiding deterioration.
Increase Syndic Transparency: by marking all Syndic financial information readily available online.
Reduce Syndic Costs: by renegotiating existing and future maintenance and insurance contracts using our Subcontractors rating feature and our experts support.
Improve Syndic productivity: using digital tools especially for Volunteer Syndics.
Increase Syndic Revenues: by reducing the % of contributions unpaid, Cash Collections using Blame & Shame on the Social Network and more importantly all the legal tools. This will reduce the share of those who already pay.
Increase Syndic Quality: By increasing Syndic responsiveness, using platform workflows and our Experts support.
Increase Building Quality of life: by increasing residents, collaboration using our built-in social network.

Video Profile

Team Slides

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Team Members

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Contact Info

Lahsen el Bouhali
PhD la Sorbonne, Journalist,
42 Paris Alumnus & Staff @1337
+212 687-252623

Said el Bouhali

Vice President Sales & Marketing
for global companies in EMEA
+33 607 516 778

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