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Amendy Foods

Value Proposition


Amendy is bridging the gap between quinoa producers and final customers by building unique capabilities in quinoa food-processing and food innovation to make quinoa fit in the local

cookery habits in Morocco. Amendy is based on an inclusive business model where farmers are key partners that supply raw quinoa.

The company then creates value by developing expertise in quinoa product development and diversification. Through in-depth understanding of the market needs, Amendy offers a wide range of innovative and nutritious food products that varies from flour and couscous to healthy snacks and serves the middle- and upper-class customers as well as dining-out

businesses. Amendy’s business model creates win-win solutions with for profit interest that solves farmers problems and generate proper added-value in a promising niche market.

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Team Members


Contact Info

Mohammed Bendaanane

+44 7951 703487


Manal Mhada

+212 6 10 62 79 88


Mohamed Louay Metougui

+212 6 51818053

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