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Agriculture and Food

Repa-BSF will transform more than 90% of the collected organic waste to poultry feed rich of protein, using an eco-friendly process. Our feed will contain an alternative source of protein that will be produced locally from the recycled organic waste; thus, it will be cheaper and available in smaller quantities suitable for small poultry farmers.
Amendy is bridging the gap between quinoa producers and final customers by building unique capabilities in quinoa food processing and food innovation to make quinoa fit in the local cookery habits in Morocco. Amendy is based on an inclusive business model where farmers are key partners that supply raw quinoa.
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Smart Beehive
Our mission is to design and produce a smart connected beehives through the implementation of smart connected technologies such as sensors and microcontroller unit and react to sensed physical properties such as temperature, humidity and weight) to increase productivity of the beehive.
- Moringa-based high quality products with an extremely high nutritional value
- Reduction of malnutrition and serving our customer segments with the products that
match their nutritional needs and consumption habits.
- Sustainable production chain that covers the entirety of the Moroccan market.
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